New Sewer Use Regulations in Effect

What goes down your drain – whether it’s in your kitchen, your shower or tub, your toilet – it all goes to the same place – the District treatment facility. We hope everyone does their part and doesn’t put things like wipes, grease, oil, chemicals, or other nasties down the drain, but to help ensure that, we implement our Sewer Use Regulations (SUR) developed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The latest version is available here!

The District recently revised and updated the SUR and Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) in response to NPDES permit requirements and guidance documents from the EPA. The updates include streamlining of our Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) regulations for discharges into our sewer collection system as well as updating our sewer use policies. Updates were also made to previously established maximum industrial loads for industries that discharge within the District’s service area. These changes protect the wastewater treatment plant biological process and the water quality of Salem Harbor. For more information, or to ask questions regarding these updates, please contact us!