Septage Receiving | Facility Use and Delivery Regulations
The South Essex Sewerage District maintains a receiving station that accepts septage generated within the District communities from permitted septage haulers. All septage haulers and each specific hauling vehicle must be permitted by the District.

As of July 1, 2020, hours of operation for the Septage Receiving Facility are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 12 PM. Haulers must contact the Operator on duty to open the gate, and have an Operations attendant present for delivery in order to test your hauled waste sample before disposing of it at the facility. The pH of all septage must be between 5.0 and 12.5 units. Any septage outside of this range will not be accepted.

Additionally, no toxic, high-grease or large-grit loads are permitted as they will damage District equipment and negatively impact effluent quality.

Septage Disposal Policy: Click to View

The map (below) shows how to find the Septage Receiving facility. Please use the route shown to help maintain safe travel through the facility.

Interested in becoming a Permitted Septage Hauler? Have other questions? Please call (978)744-4550 x122.

Septage Disposal Map

Septage Disposal Map