South Essex Sewerage District

The South Essex Sewerage District was established in 1925 to build, maintain and operate a sewerage system to collect, convey, treat and dispose of residential, commercial and industrial wastewater. The District currently serves approximately 180,000 people and businesses located in the geographical area that includes Beverly, Danvers, Marblehead, Peabody, Salem, a portion of the Town of Middleton, and a portion of the Town of Wenham. The District does not bill individual users directly. The District assesses its costs annually to the entities that are located within the District based on their use of the District facilities.


The South Essex Sewerage District operates and maintains secondary wastewater treatment facilities designed to treat 29.71 million gallons per day (MGD). The District also operates and maintains a wastewater collection and conveyance system including 29 miles of interceptor and force main pipelines along with 6 pumping stations and associated metering and sampling facilities. The District serves approximately twenty (20) significant industrial users (SIU’s) that contribute approximately 1.8 MGD. The largest industrial user discharges, on average, approximately 1.5 MGD. SESD Service Area