RV Wastewater Receiving Facility Information:

The South Essex Sewerage District operates an RV Wastewater Disposal Station on a seasonal basis. The station CLOSED November 1, 2020. It will re-open on May 15, 2021. Please see below for potential alternative locations to dispose your RV Wastewater until our District facility is open again.

Hours of operation during season are normally seven days a week, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


© SESD P. Bruscoe Wipes Clog - RV Station 09.03.20
For more information, please click here. Thank you for keeping our sewers functioning and safe for our waterways and local environment!

The station is open to registered Winter Island Park campers and City of Salem, MA residents only. 

Storage Tanks removed from an RV and transported in another vehicle will not be allowed to dispose of their waste at the disposal station.

Please read our RV Access and Disposal Instructions for more information.

RV Disposal Map

RV Disposal Map

Alternative RV Disposal Stations
Please be sure to directly contact these entities and ensure you have the ability to properly dispose of your waste before making the trip!

New Bedford, MA ~ Approximately 90 miles South of SESD
Scuituate, MA ~ Approximately 46 miles Southeast of SESD
Lawrence, MA ~ Approximately 20 miles Northwest of SESD
Deer Island, Boston, MA ~ Approximately 17 miles South of SESD
Cabela’s Campsite, Berlin, MA ~ Approximately 55 miles West of SESD
Hudson, MA ~ Approximately 46 miles West of SESD